ZA Gallery, is also known as Zach Chin Photography, where once wedding stories were unfold, so shall it be retold. We specialised in wedding photography in both local and destination weddings, prewedding portraits as well as family portraits as well. We started shooting weddings since 2007 and we have covered weddings of different races and cultures, mostly, but we are always ready to explore more. Please do not hesitate to drop us a note or we can arrange a meet up, :).


As your story unfolds, so shall it be retold...

Weddings PHOTOGRAPHY/ engagements


We have been photographing weddings for almost 11 years now and even now each wedding seems to be the first wedding that we ever photograph. This is because each wedding are celebrated differently, attended by their own different guests and this is what makes us never tired of photographing a wedding. Our best tip for any couple out there is just enjoy your wedding day and be yourself on that day.


Same is being said for our engagements/prewedding/home sessions. Always be your usual self with just maybe some tweaks to it, more playful, more love and more kisses and we will do the rest for you!


as your story unfolds, so shall it be retold...



Who says wedding photos are the only important photos that you should capture? I believe a lovely family portrait is a MUST in every household. Hence we are always here to capture one or more family portraits for your family, be it your immediate or extended family photo. From a simple family portrait to your baby's first birthday or any celebrations for your family, we are here as well to tell you a story with our photographs.


as your story unfolds, so shall it be retold...



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