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Zach Chin Photography was registered in 2008 but before that has been shooting weddings as a freelancer. At that time, Zach Chin was shooting weddings alone. Ever since 2008, after he had registered his company he realized it would be much better to have a second shooter.  In 2011, after he got married and when his wife, Amelyn has settled down in KL (she was working in Singapore before that), she had been helping Zach with this wedding photography as his second shooter. At the moment, Zach came out with a new branding which is ZA Gallery which stood for Zach & Amelyn, as they were shooting as a husband and wife team. Since then, we were more known as ZA Gallery rather than Zach Chin Photography though our company is still registered under the name.

As wedding photographers we have shot a number of weddings ranging from Chinese to Indian to Malay weddings as well lately. Besides that, we were blessed that we were able to travel overseas mostly Europe countries to shoot weddings as well. Not only that we could experience a different culture of weddings but we were able to meet a group of friends who really appreciate the photos we shot for them.

Up till now, we are still shooting as a husband and wife team though there are times we may need to find replacement shooters in unforeseen circumstances. We enjoy shooting clean, simple photos which depicts just the two of the couple and their love life but sometimes we could be out of our border and play with something more elegant. I guess we never fix our photography to one style but rather fix our style to one couple. 

As your story unfolds, so shall it be retold…

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