Aiffel & Intan

Aiffel and Intan was the first Malay wedding that we had shot in ZA Gallery. It was not just our first but was also Aiffel’s as his parents got married in Paris (hence his name was named after the Eiffel Tower) and never went through the typical Malay traditional wedding. It was funny, as we were both as nervous and at the same time excited as well! Furthermore Aiffel had been staying in overseas for a long period of time and his Bahasa Melayu was not very fluent. Thus, Intan’s dad had to find someone who can speak English to conduct the ceremony.

The wedding was truly a blast and we were glad that they engaged us to shoot both their wedding ceremony as well as dinner reception. Here were some of the photos from both their wedding ceremony and dinner reception (on a separate day):

 Lovely details from Intan and Intan shoes were just STUNNINNGGG!!!

 Intan was just stunning as well!, 😀

The beginning of the ceremony…

Loved the people all clad in the pinkish purple tone…

It was a mixture of laughter and tears during the ceremony!

If not mistaken, Aiffel was reciting his vows in Malay…you can do it, bro!

I always loved this part where the couple were blessed by their parents, happens in all races, 🙂

And there you are the married couple!

Aha! Forgotten to mention, Aiffel is a dessert lover. The fist time we met I think he finished one big piece of cake himself!!! Way to go Aiffel!

Having fun at their home made photobooth!

And here are some of the photos taken during their reception in KL.

We had a short portrait session around the surroundings of Hotel Maya.

Nice cake topper! 😀

Everyone’s watching the couple’s childhood photos and how they met…aawwww…

The 2 bites in the cake, it was made by them…and not using any knife!

And congratulations once more to you both! another congratulations coming the way (intan is now pregnant, 🙂 )


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