Alvin & Cassandra at Troika Sky Dining

Alvin and Cassandra.. what can I say about this couple. Full of energy, spontaneous emotions, and non stop laughter that sprung up in any conversations that they have with anyone. They had an “internal affair” with their really close friends and family members, a celebration of their marriage over luncheon here at Troika Sky Dining. It was our first time shooting an event here and we found that why wasn’t we here before. You can basically shoot at any corner and it has a kinfolk vibe to it.

OKay, back to our main subject, Alvin and Cassandra. Here are some lovely photos which we would like to share here from the story of Alvin & Cassandra, 🙂




Here’s to wish double celebration to both Alvin & Cassandra cause Cassandra is actually pregnant on that day of the shoot and we will be also covering their pick up the bride ceremony later this month! Stay tune for more of them both! 😀

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