Ben & Yvonne 1st Anniversary


Few weeks back, I got an email from someone by the name of Benjamin Lim, enquiring how much an engagement shoot would be like. That email sounded official which made me pondered a while. Was this the same Benjamin Lim whom I knew as a photographer himself. I checked his email addy and walla! it was him! And I replied his mail, unofficially as I knew this guy, but not well enough that he has been dating his girlfriend for a year now. He wanted to give his girlfriend a present for their 1st anniversary and together with me, we set a venue for the shoot which was on top of Broga Hill in the evening of one Sunday. It was actually a surprise for Yvonne, Ben’s girlfriend and Ben used the excuse that he was bringing her to a vintage party where everyone has to dress accordingly.  

That Sunday came and it was challenging for us (Amelyn & I) as we woke up after an actual day wedding the day before, and knowing that we were about to climb Broga Hill. Our purpose was to reach the first peak and it was told that it will take only 40 minutes. That 40 minutes to us seem quite long as we are not climbers or do much exercise either. We met up with Ben in the afternoon as he was fetching us to the place along with his girlfriend. Yvonne still have no idea where we were going – at least she was good in pretending because after she received a sms from her mother who leaked out the secret (eventually Ben told Yvonne’s sis-in-law that they are going to Broga Hill, which in turned told Yvonne’s mother), she told us that she already knew slightly of the plan that Ben made. And so, there was no surprise anymore but Yvonne was still happy as she always wanted Ben to climb Broga Hill with her.

When we reached the foothill, it was drizzling slightly but it stopped shortly after. And then we started our climb to the first stop. It was never easy for us but I was proud for Amelyn as she never climbed a hill before and that day she did a great job doing so! Bravo, darling! muaks! It was a perspiring trip but all those tiredness were nothing compared to the scene up there. It was a love hate feeling with Broga Hill, according to Amelyn, it was tiring to climb but the view was fantastic up there and it was a great setting of what we wanted to shoot all along. This post will be a long one, as I can’t keep all the lovely photos to myself. I hope Ben and Yvonne will enjoy it too and also, the most important thing, Amelyn again amazed me with a video clip of them, using only handheld and monopod to produce it (and those clips were captured while I was shooting, without any prior planning!).

TIPS: There is a video at the end of this page, go NOW to click on the PLAY and pause it. By the time you finished going through the photos, it should be half loaded! 😀

There was a swing up there and it was well maintained!  By this time, I was sweating profusely and my mind was trying hard to concentrate. Was capturing my breathe!

Loved this image! Canvas type!

Both of them are fun and smiley!!



 When Ben and us talked of what to bring for this shoot, he mentioned bringing a kite in the shape of an octopus. He has never been able to fly it before in lower ground but that day, he managed to flew that kite easily. It was a lovely kite!

 wasn’t it just cute! see the effect of the kite in Amelyn’s video, it really did sound like an octopus against the wind!

You can just tell two of them are so in love. Not posed, believe it!

And I forgot to mention, Yvonne is a natural in front of camera! Make our job easier!


Stole this shot while Amelyn doing a video of them!

I did mention Yvonne loves to smile, didn’t I?

Yvonne is a primary school teacher and knows how to play the violin and piano.

 One a musician, one a photographer, both are artist! Benjamin is a wedding photographer who is also member of MPA and WPPM. 😀 Talented young photographer.

I did mention this is a long post cause I can’t decide which photo to post, am loving it all! The couple, the place and the love between them! GORGEOUS!




ZA new prop – the blanket which we bought in Singapore! Went well with the ground… 😀

A little play on sepia! looks cool right?!

And end with my fav! Thanks a lot to you both, Ben & Yvonne for the great sport especially Yvonne who climbed the hill wearing the dress. And thanks Ben for your lovely dinner treat! Here’s to you both, Happy 1st Anniversary, may you both stay as loving and fun together!

And thanks much more to my lovely wife, Amelyn to climb up the very first hill of your life! And a very great job done once again on the video done for them. Take a look at her production!



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