Home Session with Diana and Daniel

IMG_7611And here we are with our first home session (looking forward for more of these) with Diana and Daniel on a Sunday morning. They were really natural in front of the camera and Dan can really really sing! We were mesmerized with his singing till we stop shooting and listen to his songs. Diana is really lucky having Dan now as her own private “Spotify”, :). During the session, they had also written each other a letter and it was one part of the session that we treasured the most which was documenting emotions. Enough said, and here is the story getting unfolded for Dan and Diana’s home session portraits.

IMG_7394IMG_7381IMG_7385IMG_8050IMG_7406 copyIMG_7309IMG_7971IMG_8005IMG_7483IMG_7490IMG_7495IMG_8102


Was really glad that we did this session with them, :).  Please stay tune for their wedding photos!


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Sekinchan Engagement Portrait – Ram & Riya


And here we are again, Sekinchan for the second time but shooting an Indian couple prewedding for the first time, :). We definitely shot a lot of Indian weddings but for an engagement session, this will be our first for Ram & Riya who came here from Singapore to visit this lovely small town. And what’s more fascinating was that they were clad in their traditional costume. The vibrant colors surprisingly goes well with the surroundings and Ram and Riya played their parts in the lovely photos going to be shown soon! And as the above photo says, here’s the entrance, just scroll down and enjoy!


Hoping to be back here again with a different season next round! Till then, Sekinchan! 🙂

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