Adrienne & Elvin 051208

If you want to look for a life partner, internet might be one of the options nowadays. Believe me, it works cause few of  my clients were now happily married. This is not an act of desperate but consider it as a door of opportunity. Love or so to say “destiny” finds its way to you in different mysterious ways and internet might be one of those. Just so, be careful when you are going out with a stranger on the first date!

And so, Adrienne and Elvin met each other via ICQ almost ten years back now. From then, they have overcome their differences and now, became each other’s best friend, lover and life partner. As for their wedding, Adrienne has everything planned out well and has set red as her wedding theme. From her shoes, door gifts, flowers, and even her guests during dinner, you will not miss that hint of red in them.

Here are some highlights from the wedding, and do view the slideshow for more photos.



Used a small LED torchlight to light up the shoes at a dark corner…


Adrienne was playing around with my 5D. She used to learn photography back then. She just got herself a Nikon D90 after the wedding and really into photography now!


Few moments of portraiture with Adrienne before Elvin arrives…


The groom arrives…


While waiting for the games session to begin, I had some group photos with Elvin and his “brothers”.


That was Adrienne’s dad being sporting and wanted to join in the games!


Elvin singing for Adrienne…just the one verse “What a difference a day make…”


And look how smiley was Adrienne… 🙂



A photo with Adrienne’s chee muis before leaving the house…


Kinda love this photo, especially the expression on Adrienne’s dad’s face, 😀


Back at Elvin’s place for tea ceremony. How happy was Elvin’s mom!


Photo session with Adrienne and Elvin, more of it in the slideshow! 🙂



Toasting ceremony…



Such a happy family photo!!!


Flower Drum Restaurant has this nice place to do shooting…


It was a great pleasure working with Adrienne and Elvin. They were so nice that even before the wedding day, I got a gift from them. They even had a dinner after the wedding for the bridal entourage, videographer and me for the successful wedding. And, Adrienne and Elvin bought a cake to celebrate those birthdays who fell in the month of December, which was mine and another friend of Elvin. How thoughtful of them! It is always nice to be appreciated by the clients like receiving a gift from them, or a big hug and thank you. This is the pleasure of working hard and making each couple happy at the end of the day.



From left: Me, Adrienne, Elvin and the videographer (sorry I forgotten his name, Adrienne can you help me with this? 🙂 )


The whole gang who have helped during the wedding. Thanks Adrienne and Elvin for the great dinner!

P/S Definitely, you may have notice that the display size has changed for this post, just something I would like to try out. The previous size is the one which will stay on. So sorry, for the delay on blogging, will try to do it as often as possible to catch up with past year’s weddings!

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Ramesh & Vidya 031208

When I met up with Ramesh, he came alone without his fiancee, Vidya. It was only during the actual day when I met up with Vidya. It was quite a hurry as well during the wedding day, but luckily I managed to snap a few preparation shots of Vidya and then we were off to the Kalamandapam temple in Brickfields. This is my second time shooting in this temple and it has a very fascinating architecture.

Here are some of the highlights of the wedding.


Have always love the henna on the bride’s hands…been a while since I last did one myself, 😉



Just after tying the saree…


Blessings from the mother…


Ramesh at the temple…


Arrival of the bride…



Tying the thalee…



The couple feeding one another behind a cloth…


Blessings from the elderly…i love shooting this part of the ceremony, the moments really touch you…


Loved this pic…shot with a 70-200mm with no IS or flash outside the praying temple because cameras are not allowed to enter the premises.


Shot a couple of their portraits behind the temple…


It is always challenging to find a place to shoot when the source are limited…

Thanks to both Ramesh and Vidya to have chose me as your photographer to document one of your most important day in your life.

Below is their slideshow of the day:

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