Chin Hor & Bek Yee = Romantically Fun


Chin Hor is a videographer who shoot mostly documentaries and his job requires him to travel quite often nationwide and worldwide. And Bek Yee would follow him wherever he goes, if she have the time and on leave. Their relationship is match made in heaven and their love shows not only in person but also in photos.

They wanted something colourful and cheerful for their prewedding photos. When they seen the photos I’ve taken in Broga Hill, they wanted to do it as well. It was featful for me for the first time hiking that hill for photoshoot, but now a second time! But, considering their enthusiasm, I gave in and willing to hike Broga Hill again for them. The best thing was, I got to involved Chew Yen their make up artist to hike that hill with us! We started hiking around 6am and reached the first base around 8am. Luckily, Chin Hor have his 2 best friends carried some of the stuffs for them. Bek Yee, although never do much exercise, managed to hike as well without much difficulty. Despite all the tiredness we had hiking that hill, we were grateful we were there once again. Although there was a slight drizzle during the shoot, we still have fun and Chin Hor with his friends even drank beer soon after the shoot was over!

This was taken pretty much the edge of the hilltop. But that was not the featful task it was getting there which was difficult, 🙂

After the morning hike, we started our second session at I-City, Klang. It was a casual shoot, and Chin Hor (or was it Bek Yee) managed to get a Darth Vader helmet for the shoot. They were both a natural and it was quite easy for me as they were very loving and funny in front of my camera. You will know what I mean when you watch the slideshow, :D.

Loved this a lot, Bek Yee’s expression was priceless, none-posed…it was their natural feeling towards one another, :)..Ssswweeeeeeeetttttttt!!!

Thanks again to both of you for enduring the hike up to Broga and subsequently, still energized for the casual shoot!! Love you both!!

Chin Hor & Bek Yee from Zach Chin on Vimeo.

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