Chris & Sharon

It was our first trip to Miri, Sarawak and it was because of Chris and Sharon. Two adventurous and fun individuals who were brought together by the social network of internet. They both love sports esp. big bikes, travelling, and shopping, yes even Chris! We had fun shooting the both of them as they could just burst into laughters all by themselves in one second, and in another, turn as lovingly romantic in their own way. Miri, as they have made us seen it, was a very peaceful, and beautiful place to shoot. The sunrise and sunset were both equally fascinating but unfortunately, we missed it on the days of our shoot. It was drizzling mostly in the evenings when we were there.

Chris and Sharon brought us to some lovely places especially this first part of the photos where we spend quite some time there. It was a plain field with lovely yellow flowers in the foreground and autumn liked tall trees in the background. Without having said much, take a look at the photos!

Ain’t this field a great spot for portraits? I would be coming time and again to this place for any shoots if this was in Kuala Lumpur!

They both just enjoyed themselves despite the morning heat and busy bees flying around, 🙂

Sharon got this tendency to just break into big laughs when told to, this was what we loved about her! 😀


 love love love this one!

The field was just next to this small yacht dock.

 They enjoyed this!

There is this hill called Canada Hill and it was one of the first places they used to date. You can see the whole of Miri up there.

 We were suppose to shoot sunset up at Canada Hill but unfortunately it was drizzling for quite a while.

One moment they could pose seriously in front of the camera and the next, cheeky Sharon pinching Chris’s nipples!

The game “see who can withstand not laughing the longest”

We had some photos of them with Chris’s bike. Sharon has one too, which she inherited it from Chris and it’s black.

A quick session at the beach, and then it started pouring again!

They also had some photos shot in gown. This was taken at this park with the hanging bridge. This photo was taken off the reflection of the drain, turned out to be one of their favourite and so was mine!

Found this tree somewhere and there were dragonflies flying around, dozens of them! Sharon told me the tree has been cut down soon after, how sad. It was a nice shooting ground.

It was not easy to be up there, but both of them showed no problem climbing up there, kudos to them!

“Where the h*ll is Chris?!” 😀

Amelyn spotted this place the very first day when we landed in Miri. It was near the airport and the tress and bushes were kind of “burned” which in turn gave us this setting to shoot.


It was a great experience in Miri and we enjoyed shooting there. Thanks to Chris and Sharon for bringing us around!

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