Gary + May 310509


When a wedding photographer started to find shooting a wedding a routine job, well he/she should think again. A wedding, not just for the couple, for the guests, the workers, anyone who attends it, should be enjoying that special occasion of two souls who are going to spend their life together because of love. Isn’t that already a great reason to be proud to be part of a wedding, especially playing the part of documenting it as a wedding photographer.

Gary and May’s wedding was a really fun and lovely wedding merely because both of them are a fun and loving couple. On your wedding day, there are really nothing much to worry about but to look good and enjoy the day. That was what I saw in Gary and May’s wedding. There might be some hiccups once in a while but everyone seem to be getting well along with the event. There was not a moment that I had time to lay down my cameras just because there were so many things going on worthy of shooting.

Herein, I will be showing the SDE (same day edit) slideshow which was played during their dinner reception. Been a while since I loaded a slideshow in my site, so here is the first after a long while. Enjoy it, :)!

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