Joyce & Ryan &…. Sophie?, Bali

We’re back in Bali, and this time it was for Joyce & Ryan. Joyce and Ryan is one of our nicest couple and they are willing to anticipate whatever pose that we asked them do. They have know each other for a while now and if you ask me, they really have the husband and wife resemblance. During their prewedding shoot in Bali, I was actually not shooting both of them, but also a family portrait of them three, Joyce just found out she was pregnant before we sat on the plane to Bali!

So, handling a pregnant bride, we have to be careful with her. This we could not ask her do, that we could not ask her do, but knowing Joyce, she would just do it be with extreme caution, of course. Ryan was right there behind her all the way, supporting her. How lovely was that! And therefore, the title reads the 3 of them, not just Joyce & Ryan. Joyce just gave birth to baby Sophie on January, 13th, 2013. Congrats!!

Here were some of their “family” prewedding portraits in Bali:

Lake Danau Bratan, it was actually nice shooting there, cool and windy, despite the crowd of tourists walking by and greeting the couple.

Joyce local make up artist suggested that they take a boat ride… You must be thinking who was paddling the boat. There was a man inside the boat, he was very good at hiding himself as he was never seen in the photo!

I was still fascinated with the paddler hiding in the boat… amazing!

Joyce brought along her own lace umbrella… 🙂

Stopped by a paddy field on the way to Tanah Lot. Coincidently, a local farmer passed by, loved this scene!

It was quite late when we reached Tanah Lot, sun was already setting, so we did not waste time changing back into gown.

It was always tedious travelling in Bali. By the time we reached back our hotel in Nusa Dua, it was already late. And we have to wake up early the next morning for sunrise.

One of my fav… got to kneel all the way down on the rock for this, I think I got bruised doing it! But it was all worth it, 🙂


After this, Joyce wanted to ride camels in Nikko Hotel. But because she was pregnant, she could not literally ride on it but this did not block her intention of taking photos with them. 🙂

While waiting for our turn on the camels, there was this fallen tree on the beach of the hotel. I think it was intended to be there as it was a lovely scene for photos.

like walking in the desert…

 We found this Balinese monument on the roadside, but the gate was closed when we reached there. Joyce was reluctant to wait and we have to catch a flight back soon on the same day, and so Joyce with the help of Ryan, climbed over the gate. We were worried for her since she was pregnant at that time. Thankfully she was alright! Minutes after we were in, the guard came back and opened the gate – he went for lunch break, it seemed.

We were quite happy that we shot here cause it was a nice monument. Thanks to Amelyn who saw it and asked the make up artist how to get here.


They brought their own props! Well done J & R!

 Those were quite steep steps and Joyce regardless of being pregnant, conquered it!


And this last photo was for Ryan! Ryan always wanted to shoot on a Vespa in Bali the day he reached Bali (or maybe before that). But we did not have time for that because of our busy schedule. Right that moment when we were about to leave the monument, a pair of foreign tourists happened to stop by the monument to ask for directions. And they were on a blue Vespa, exactly something Ryan wanted! We were so excited and asked to borrow the Vespa for a photo! Literally a photo cause the couple need to leave soon. How lucky were Ryan and everything went as planned by…God, 😀

Many thanks to Joyce & Ryan and congratulations once again with your newborn, Sophie!



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