Martin + Dolores = Today we kissed the most.

Martin & Dolores’s after wedding session in Sienna was brief but their chemistry in front of the camera was enough for me to capture the essence of their love in picture. Loving, fun and loving…i think that was the word I could only use to describe them – LOVING. And on that day, Martin got kissed the most even till after our session has ended. Here were some of the evidences of their loving session with us, :D.

Martin loved the scene of clothes hanging outside the houses – a typical Italian scene you would see in Italy.

And Tuscany’s landscape was lovely with “toothpick” trees all over. Reason I called them “toothpick” trees was because it is straight and sharp at the end like toothpicks, 😉

Do you agree with me when I said they were just so lovely?

Spent some time here as I just love the barrels on the cartwheel, 🙂

They told me they got this two clown noses in their car. When they were trapped in traffic where people keep honking, they would put the clown nose on and look at the people. Some sort of relieve tension therapy, :).

Lovely sunset and landscape in Tuscany, hope we will be back again!

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