Michael & Rozalia – Piedmonte Italy

We met Michael and Rozalia during Dolores and Martin’s wedding. They have a son named Maximillian and he was just a toddler when we saw him. This time M&R’s wedding was held at LaVilla Hotel, Piedmonte , Italy.  It was a simple wedding among close friends and families. Unfortunately on the day it was drizzling and the venue had to be moved to a sheltered place rather than the designated area which had a view of Italy’s vineyards. Even so, they handled things positively and it turned out to be a great one, thanks to the owner of La Villa who did a great job decorating the place. Here are few photos from their wedding:

They got prepared in opposite rooms…

Their Maximillian, 🙂

Mom, daughters and R’s nephew

I think it’s a trend writing something on the bottom of the heels/shoes here in Europe…

Michael’s a funny and witty guy. As for this bow tying, he was referring to youtube to get it done! I guess all grooms do, 🙂

When doing these poses, Michael mentioned he used to be a child star in one of the adverts! COOL!!…I guess his early days’ training paid off!

Last minute arrangement for the ceremony due to heavy rain… 

Although there was a change in the venue but it was for the best. Loved the greens around this ceremony area, looks like a garden wedding!

Michael’s red socks were among the most eye catching during the wedding!

Made a dash for this shoot at the second floor!

Earlier on, Rozalia wrote a vow for the ceremony and Michael was not aware that he needed one! Lucky for him, he got another surprise for Rozalia later!

Awww…..love love this photo!

The surprise Michael had prepared was another diamond ring for Rozalia!!

Family shot!! 😀

Due to the non stop rain, we had to do a quick portrait session indoors..

And an outdoor dinner had to be once again brought indoors but it was again for the best as the settings were amazing!!

While the adults were enjoying their dinner and so were their children with the photobooth!

Rozalia’s mom speech time…

Loved this moment of Michael with his dad…


Forgotten to mention, the banner behind was done by the children of the guests!!

Note: All stationeries were designed by Astrid Mueller.

Thanks again Michael & Rozalia for having us in Italy to document your lovely wedding. Just a photo of them back in 2011 when we shot Martin & Dolores’s wedding.

And us, photo taken by….

Martin….and Dolores supporting him…hehe!!! 



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