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I’ve always been wanting to give back to the community with what I do as a wedding photographer. One of it was the idea of giving out a free shooting session to a couple whose love story will be amazingly touching. But that have not yet been done yet. Something came up with almost a similar purpose but more meaningful early last year. The idea came from Debra and Leticia who are members of  AWP. They were having the idea of sponsoring a whole wedding to a couple, either whom is suffering from critical illnesses. This sounds like an opportunity for me to give back to the community finally, in a small way. And, so when Debra popped the question to me whether I was interested to participate in such event, I could not say NO.

The event which was also known as Mahligai Impian got attention of the media and Primeworks became the official media for this event. AWP members also participated in this event, (their details will be given in full later on) which made it quite a huge event for the year 2010. There were another photographer who were involved in this event, which is Jalil and Nadiya from Rintis Image. After a ballot, I was given the chance to shoot the winning couple, Oliver and Michelle, for their prewedding session. The venue was set at the natural surroundings of Dusun Garden Fairies in Hulu Langat. It was quite a challenge to me because 1) the session started late and I have only couple hours to shoot and 2) besides shooting, I was interviewed, not live but in front of two big cameras and not forgetting the hot spotlight! Also, it was in Malay, a language which I haven’t spoken in years to make long sentences! But everything went well, praise the Lord! And here we are now, some of the photos which I took on that day for Oliver and Michelle’s prewedding session.

It was my first time meeting both Oliver and Michelle and they were just fun and adorable to shoot! They both know how to pose, and I meant it! Especially Oliver, who claimed that he picked it up from Michelle. Oliver, loved to be captured more in front of the camera because according to him, it is not always about the bride. High five to that! 🙂 Michelle, despite her having leukemia, was not discouraged by her conditions but was also having fun with the shoot. We could go on longer but it was soon dark and it started to rain. It was a great pleasure for us to be there to hear their touching love story and the obstacles they have to go through. We wish the best for both of you and fast recovery for Michelle as well! You guys are simply amazing!

Oliver, the hero as he blazed through anything just to be with Michelle.

Here was the slideshow which I prepared for them for their dinner reception. 


And here were the crew who made it happened (those whom I knew involved, sorry if I left out anyone) !
Organizer: Leticia   AWP
Debra   Olive Branch
Suit Design: Bespoked
Decoration: One Red Lily
Videographer: Beezworks Production
Singer during Reception: Janet Lee
Prewedding Venue: Dusun Garden Fairies
Here are the clips which I captured off the TV during the reair in NTV7.

Many applause to those who have made this event happened! Their lovely photos for the dinner reception was captured by Jalil and Nadiya from Rintis Image and this is the link to the slideshow. Enjoy!

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