Mission accomplished!!!


Earlier this year, I said yes to my sister to accept the challenge of climbing Mount Kinabalu with the purpose to raise funds for heart disease patients from Adventist Hospital , Penang. I had some stairs climbing training prior to the climb and it helps. However, during the climb to Laban Rata which was around 6km, I have experienced cramps on both my legs. Fortunately, I managed to overcome it with the help of some climbers and my sister and continued the quest to conquer the submit. The weather during the climb was great and this helped us a lot.

When we reached Laban Rata, we had our dinner and rested. We slept quite early that night as our next climb will begin at 2 in the morning. The temperature during then was 6 degrees Celcius when we started to finish the remaining 2.7km to the submit of Mount K. In total darkness and with the help of our headlights, we just tramped on into the cold, not knowing what lies behind us or at the top of us. For every ten steps, I stopped to take in some air as the air was getting thinner. When we reached 8km, the remaining 700m, I was already excited that I have forgotten about my tired legs and cold hands, but just kept climbing to reach the top. We managed to reach the submit of Mount K (4,095.2m) at Low’s Peak in time to see the sunrise. It was a magnificient view from up there and everything was worth the climb to the top.

After staying up there for about an hour plus, we finally made our descent to Laban Rata. Descending was quite easy but we need to watch out of our knees. In my mind, I knew that I want to climb again to witness such beautiful creation of God from above. If not for my sister’s suggestion, I would not take up this crazy feat of climbing Mount K and I have not regretted it, especially this time for a good cause. Next time round, it will be for fun, pleasure and also photo taking!! Before I continue with the photos, I want to thank those who have donated to this charity event and made this climb possible. A STAR reporter followed us as well during this climb and the article can be found here.

 It was not easy carrying the camera bag over my shoulder, and hiking up at the same time! Next time round, must really get myself prepared, physically, :). Enough said, here are some of the photos which I took:


Our ID tag. We must keep this safe while hiking to the submit, if not we are not allow to pass the check point at 7.5km.


A shot taken at Laban Rata when the sun was about to set.


The submit’s view from Laban Rata


Bed of clouds from where we stayed at Gunting Lagadan Hut…From here, you can also the myriad of stars in the skies at night. It was mesmerizing..


Reached Low’s Peak before the sun rise…


The sun rising in the horizons…As the official photographer for this event, I was quite busy shooting the group photos, :). Managed to capture this photo when I was quite free at some point.


Low’s Peak from the angle below when the skies was brighter.


Time to descent… 🙁


Sun was up…one of my fav photo…


Donkey’s ears peak…


Another view….


This was shot by my sister…Haha!!! It’s cute!


Regardless of the tiredness… Jump of joy!!!

As a token of appreciation, I will be printing the following photo to be given to those who have donated to me in part of supporting this charity event. Size and printing material will be decided soon. Here is the chosen photo:


Thanks so much for the support!!!