Nic & Euodia Actual Day

Always love shooting a wedding which is something out of ordinary. Instead of gate crashing, Nic & Euodia had this idea of doing a photoshoot in a garden like background with their bridal entourage before their wedding ceremony. And thus, here we were at Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur early in the morning for a hot, yet fun shoot with them and their bunch of friends! And not forgetting to mention, Nic is actually my cousin, father’s side. And here were some of the photos from their wedding. Their wedding ceremony was held later in Banker’s Club. Most of the things were DIY by Euodia, even the bowtie which Nic was wearing! Amazing!!!

A splendid work of decorations by one of their friends. So sorry I have forgotten her name…something like Sharon if not mistaken. Guys, correct me when you read this ya! *blush*

They always wanted a garden wedding, so this is somewhat a replacement to that! I would say it well worked out fine!

last min photobooth…girls, as usual sweet and pretty…guys, cool and handsome! look at them pose!! My cousin is a natural!



this photo was done in the hottest spot in the garden and Nic’s friend had to jump a few times to get the right angle! Kudos to you all!!

Now, we will head of to Banker’s Club for their wedding ceremony.





 Euodia bought her veil online and it was a pretty nice and soft veil…

some girls’ time before the ceremony started…

Congratulations to both of you!!!

Here is their fullday slideshow:

Nic & Euodia AD Wedding from Zach Chin on Vimeo.

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