Rajween & Arweena Indian Wedding Ceremony – Sri Maha Mariamman Temple Puchong

RA_16Being born as a Malaysian, one is fortunate enough to be able to experience the different cultures of each races. As a wedding photographer or what made me into one was when I first started to photograph an Indian wedding ceremony. One decade down the road as a wedding photographer, Indian wedding ceremonies still never cease to amaze me with its vibrant and lovely colors. In this story of Rajween and Arweena, I got to re-experience those moments even though it was a short and fast-paced wedding.

RA_02I seldom spend much time shooting a lot of architecture photos of an Indian temple cause normally when I reached the temple, the ceremony will start quite soon. This time round, Arweena prefer to go without those preparation shots and just do the photos at the temple itself. Hence, I reached the temple earlier and got to nail some temple shots, 🙂

RA_01When you travel overseas, you tend to shoot a lot of buildings and people but when you are in Malaysia somehow you will ignore those. But after spending about 20 minutes at the temple I realized the beauty of this Indian temple. Funny in a way that I have more photos of the temple in my camera compared to my norm which are photos of the bride’s preparation, :).


RA_04bLovely bride and her sisters…just look at the stunning colors!



RA_03aOne reason why Arweena do not like preparation photos was because she do not like to take photos but I think she looks just amazing in front of camera!


RA_08And here’s Rajween, the groom waiting in his car for the ceremony to begin.

RA_09The musical band from the temple! Loud and let you know that the ceremony was about to begin! but they are really professional in what they do, 🙂 By the way, been a while since i get shots like these, and this was one of my fav from that day…made me think was i I shooting a wedding or some Thaipusam/Wesak procession, 😀

RA_10Smiley Raj on the way in the temple!


RA_12Here comes the bride! 

Normally nowadays Indian wedding ceremonies were mostly done on a hall’s stage and the crowd will be seated below watching the ceremony. However, for ceremonies carried out in temples, the couple will be seated on the “ground” level with all their guests surrounding them. This might make our job harder cause we are not able to move around much with hundred of people surrounding us but in a way, you get to see people’s reaction behind the couple like the photo above. Later on, there is also another pro to this situation where the groom ties the thali for the bride…photo to come soon…


RA_13bAgain, love the colors of the saree that Arweena was wearing on that day!


Getting ready for tying the thali…If you are interested to know more about the thali, you may read the article here.


And here’s another reason why surrounded by guests during an Indian wedding ceremony is better cause you get to have more “confettis” (mixture of rice and flower petals) coming their way than on stage. 


And that’s all for now for Rajween & Arweena’s indian wedding ceremony…ending with some playful shots and a kiss! 🙂


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