Sathiya & Ruvena

Sathiya and Ruvena, two beautiful individuals who tied their thali this year was one wedding we enjoyed shooting. Ruvena got to know us through our other client and thus, she knew the style that we shoot. It is always easier to shoot couples who actually know what they wants by selecting their correct photographer. And Ruvena and Sathiya was one of those couple. Their stage decoration at the hall was simple but yet pleasant in photos. And the selection of colours of their saree for the wedding was spot on. It really looked nice in photos. Having said those, the best part was Ruvena and Sathiya do not like to take photo or quite camera conscious. On the day, Ruvena looked nervous at first but after a while, thankfully, she was getting used to my camera. At the end of the day, they really did themselves proud (so are we) as they were actually a photogenic couple. I will let you do the judging by the photos below, 🙂 :

 S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G….and how I loved the colour combi on the saree, 😀

Loved the chemistry between Ruvena’s parents! This was a compensation for Ruvena’s mom because she told me that during her wedding, straight after she got prepared she was rushed to the wedding hall!

When I told them to have some mother-daughter moment, they really did. A really emotional mom-daughter relationship, 🙂

Meanwhile at Sathiya’s place….Amelyn doing her magic moments again with the groom, 🙂

Loved the lighting on the stage and look how lovely the colours all blend in, 😀 

One of my fav!

Besides the thali tying process, I always loved this part where the groom do this to the bride, 🙂

Loved both photos!

Some portraits at a nearby temple…

Thanks for engaging us to shoot for your wedding, you both made a lovely couple! 🙂


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