Siew Mun + Siew Yen = Stylish and Stunning

I have knew both Siew Yen and Siew Mun since two years back when I shot their friend’s wedding. Siew Yen is also a photography hobbyist and she wanted something stylish for her prewedding photos. I asked around and managed to find this train yard in Klang (which is also a common playground for other photographers) which was very suitable for the shoot. It was a very hot and sunny session and most of us got sunburnt during that session. I would like to thank Veralyne for showing me to that place and also friends of Siew Mun and Siew Yen who were there to help. Also much thanks to Hanna Liew for her profesional make up artist job even though she is pregnant and have to ride the train with us. Here are some of the photos that were taken that day:



A playful shoot to start with for this post


Got this lovely lace umbrella from Mexico and thanks to Siew Yen for displaying such patience with me on this pose, 🙂


Siew Mun in his stunning wedding suit…



Yes, this is my fav…stunning!



After the hot session in the morning, we continued some casual portraits in a carpark at the place I stayed (used to be).


They are so in love…



I will be shooting their wedding next weekend! Can’t wait for it, 🙂

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