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Sidney & Stefanii – It was my first time meeting two individuals who love to cook and enjoy food, and importantly, falling in love with one another. I remembered meeting them for the very first time in Wedding Hub. They did not want any prewedding photos, but would prefer to do a casual portrait session and something to do with food! And there we were, me and Benjamin who was assisting me that day, in the hotel of Micasa All Suite Hotel, trapped in the middle of a food war between Sidney & Stefanii! That morning, Sidney and Stefanii prepared their own pasta, cooked them and not forgetting, dessert which was tiramisu. We actually got to what they had cooked and it was nice! Talking about props used in a shoot which ended up in our stomach. Thank God, we did not have any tummy ache later – cause they are really good chefs! For the session, I’ve prepared them a fusion slideshow which comprises of video clips and also photos. It would not justify their profesional cooking techniques if it was caught only in photos, would it? The video told the essence of the entire session and here’s the video (bit amateur-ish with my 5D MII, but hope you enjoy the fun we had!) – 

Sidney & Stefanii – The recipe of love from Zach Chin on Vimeo.

Few months later was their wedding. I loved it when brides get ready early and give me ample time to shoot their portraits before the groom arrives. That morning was really early but when I reached the hotel room, Stefanii’s friends were alreay there preparing for the games. Stef’s friends were a great bunch and fun to shoot. Since I have ample time, I got to coordinate my shots nicely.

My fav color, pink! No wonder I love this shoes!! 🙂

 Some time with the bridal party. They were all stunning looking in their dresses! Making my job easier, don’t you think? 🙂

A huge light source from the window made this work!


 One quick one of Stef’s parents before the groom arrived!

Sidney and the entourage, already being tortured. It reads” Sid love Su Yi Forever!”

Sidney down on one knee, confessing his love towards Stef! It was really a touching one…

While he was doing that, I turned back and managed to capture this photo – a bridesmaid caught by surprised, a cousin brother stunned, another bridesmaid clapping hands while looking back at a crying sister, a “uncle bob”, a boy smiling at the camera and another uncle smiling in the back.  What a scene! 🙂

And when the door opened, Stef was holding a camera recording Sid walking into the room! Such a cheeky bride!

The moment after unveiling the bride and before planting in the kiss on the lips…

Did I mention about how cheeky Stef is? Well, she was, refusing the kiss! 😀

Welcome to the family hug by Stef’s father.

Sid & Stef… x0x0

This was what happened if they have some time in between the tea ceremony…

A fun gang!

The line up for the dinner reception march in

A normal march in suddenly turned into a havoc and fun dance! Did I mention that this was a fun gang! Yeah I did! 😀

It was also Stef’s birthday that day! Happy birthday Stef and great speech, Sid! 🙂

It was not only fun, but an emotional day for many of the guests to be there to witness Stefanii and Sidney’s wedding day. Thank you guys for having me to be present at such a memorable day for you both! 🙂

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