Untitled 1 – Pushing ahead


WPPI 16 X 20 Prints Competition’s results were out and I got 1 Accolades of Excellence out of 3 submissions which I entered. The print which got me the AOE is as above and at that moment of time, I could not think of a suitable title to it and let it be named Untitled 1.

Today, Untitled 1 has been renamed to Pushing Ahead. When you were told to stop and reflect on what you do, it do not mean literally that you have to put down everything and do nothing but instead, push that button of yours to accelerate further and smarter. There are many grounds in which you can know where you stand in what you do but the best one is still getting to know yourself.  Sometimes I tend to forget who I am and my mind started to wonder of into different directions. Opening to new directions and learning new things do not mean you have to lose yourself but to make who you are better. A quote which I read off from Bobbi and Mike’s blog was “by being yourself, you attract clients who are like you” and I second to that. It has been imprinted in my mind as a guideline to where I am pushing ahead. I am a crawling toddler who have learned walking the hard way – by bumping walls and falling down. But how ironic that falling actually makes you stronger, :)… and the road is still long to go.

I am eager and thrilled to be heading to Mexico soon to shoot a wedding, and most importantly with a calm heart. Hola, Mexico! 🙂

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  • Joshua KMarch 24, 2010 - 2:59 am

    Congrats bro! And thanks for sharing, really inspired me a lot! Have a blessed trip to Mexico!

  • munkeatApril 8, 2010 - 1:41 am

    Congrats bro ! Well done …and I’m sure more to come . Keep up the good work !