ZA proposed!!!

I have been lagging in posting blogs, I know…I am still a wedding photographer and still shooting wedding, if you are doubtful, :). In this post of mine, I would like to share what I have been busy with, which is preparing for my own wedding. It would not be a huge one, but something which is intimate and warm spend with our close family and friends.

Before anything else, this was what happened during the proposal which took place last year. Few good friends of mine, Adam, Kenneth, Anna-Rina and Jon were there to document this memorable moment for us – me and my fiancee, Amelyn. I am very grateful for their help and encouragement. The photos below were what was shot by the gang back then, and we loved it a lot.


Awaiting her flight back from Singapore…


Anna-Rina as the videographer…


Jon Low, who just flew back from Australia, joining us, thanks bro!


Adam Ong, who initiated the proposal, thanks bro for your guts!


And Kenneth Tan (photo taken from video clip), and he won the one-two-juss between Adam, thanks bro for the photos.


And me with the handmade butterfly shaped proposal ring…


When Amelyn walked out from the arrival gate, there was when Adam shouted her name and proposed! Look at her surprise reaction.


Still figuring who this boy was…Amelyn have only met Adam once… 😀


Loved how Adam reacted in this photo….and Amelyn was frantically trying to get in touch with me…


and I think I just got on my knees and did I say Will you marry me before putting on that ring? oops….





Loved these set of photos….


yes, we are both big laughers…


We both loved this photo a lot…

This year I am very thankful that I have a lovely wife, have moved into a lovely warmth house, preparing for our wedding ceremony in Bali, shooting overseas wedding, and also local weddings which I still and am adore doing it, met new friends, have the encouragement from my family, and passed my Masters! Yippee, I am really really thankful.

Herein, I am posting a video where I did a second propose to Amelyn, where I sang (off tune Making Memories of Us) to her and playing guitar at the same time which I sucked at it and learned less than 10 days. Thanks to Edmund Lee for his crash course…

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  • wai choon & chiew lingMay 30, 2010 - 3:51 am

    S.W.E.E.T !!!!!
    congrats zach 🙂

  • elvin@adrienneJune 1, 2010 - 8:59 am

    wat a wonderful proposed, congrats zach.

  • JewelJune 1, 2010 - 4:28 pm

    awwww !!!! sooo sweeet !!!! congratulations !!!

  • sook phengJune 16, 2010 - 11:25 pm

    congrats, gong gong!!!! that is such great news!!! gopal didnt even tell me u got married! anyway, im really happy for u….. hope u will “pak tao dou lo” with your bride!
    ^ _ ^