Just a quick post to let you guys know that I will be travelling to a few countries this year, and if by any chance or if you are interested to shoot at these places, do drop me a mail at I will be delightful to get back to you.

6th – 14th April – Macau/Hong Kong

10th – 16th June (tentative) – Bali for prewedding

8th – 12th July (will extend) – Switzerland for a wedding shoot

SO, if you happen to be in one of those countries or even if you are not, but interested, let me know! We shall arrange something for you, 🙂

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Boon Tong + Paige + Natalie

Family portraits are a must like wedding portraits. It will bring back those sweet memories when you see the photos ten years down the road or even more. These are timeless photos which you will keep them for the next generation to see. Back then, we have family portraits taken in studio or using those old film cameras. Our poses – stand still and smile. But of course, those meant something to us as well for those are the only photos which reminds us of our childhood during our own time.

Paige is one of Wai Choon’s friend (shot Wai Choon’s wedding back in Nov 2008). I saw her with her husband, Boon Tong and their lovely baby daughter, Natalie at the wedding reception. Whenever I see a cute baby, I will be concentrating on him/her for a while. Soon after the wedding, before CNY, I got a call from Paige to shoot for Natalie’s coming birthday. Natalie’s birthday falls on the 25th December but we had the shooting session one week earlier. As I know, being a Capricorn myself, and having one niece and one nephew who are Capricornians, we are quite cool and characteristic people. Not praising ourselves but it is something which I observed in us, :). As for Natalie, she was quite cool at first, but later seem to get used to my big lenses pointing at her. We had a great fun shooting at the park before proceeding to collect her birthday cake from coffee bean. The shooting session ends back at their place and after Natalie fell asleep.

Here are some of my fav pics:



Most kids enjoy “flying”…


Such a happy family!!!


Paige stays home and take care of her daughter…how nice is that, 🙂


Another fav of mine!!


And another…how I wanna snuggle in there as well, so warm!


It was scary to be left behind in that big swing. But finally, we got the shot we wanted, 🙂


Back at home, where Natalie felt the most comfortable and relaxed and there she was learning to stand up.


Almost time for bed…this is what they call Baby Five!


How adorable is Natalie!!!




If I ever had a photo of this of my parents, aaawww…..would be appreciating it every seconds. 🙂

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