Yi Hui & Rong Hui

First of all, I admit. I did not know why I didn’t post up such a lovely couple’s photos in the blog. It won’t do them any justice as they were pure fun, lovely and one of the most pleasant couple to look forward to shoot. But in fact, I’ve never met Rong Hui until the day of the shooting. I’ve met Yi Hui and found out he is also from Ipoh but have long stayed in Singapore. He wanted to shoot his prewedding back in their hometown with the background of Ipog old town. Since I am also from Ipoh, we were quite engaged with what we discussed for the shoot!

On the day of the prewedding session, Chew Yen was the make up artist. We started off at the famous old town white coffee and had ourselves some coffee before we started, of course! Soon after that we headed off to Ipoh old railway station and had a brief shoot there before the guards were on our tail chasing us away! We had a short break for lunch before proceeding for the final destination in Kellie’s Castle, Batu Gajah for the some formal shooting. Back then, it was Rm50 for entrance fees and shooting, altogether. I hope it will be the same amount still, :). Here were some of the photos taken for Yi Hui & Rong Hui on that day, enjoy!

(image taken out from their album front cover, 🙂 )

personally loved this photo.. 🙂

The flats behind is actually a trademark of Ipoh Old Town, been there for ages!

The famous OLD TOWN white coffee sign, 😀

She ain’t heavy, but it was also not an easy feat to do! Kudos to Yi Hui!

While the workers were busy offloading goods from the lorry, there they were seating idly there in love, 🙂

Loved the lovely “yellow” curtain added to the lorry!

go! go! go!

Anyone for potatoes and garlics?

at the Ipoh railway station…

another of my fav!

And here we were at the Kellie’s Castle. Remember to go out before dusk around 6pm if not you will be beaten by countless mosquitoes!!! 


And once more, sorry for the delay in posting and congrats again for the both of you!! 😀

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